It’s Sunday morning, and I’m logging my indiscretions of last night on Myfitnesspal.  I shake my head at the results.  My choices last night haunted me in my dreams causing me to wake up and face the music this morning. 

How often do you do this to yourself?  How often do you berate yourself for your failures?  Sullenly sitting at your computer the next morning entering the data of the night before?

Why do we do this to ourselves?  The logical person in me is telling myself, that I could have done worse.  I’m telling myself to dust myself off and move on for the day.  The other side of me is dwelling on the negative.

I lost weight last week.  I had a body scan done and gained muscle and lost fat.  You wouldn’t know that in my head, though, because I’m obsessing about my choices last night!  ARG!

I’m sure you’re like me where you dwell on this.  This is my moment to tell myself, and you, to get over yourself!  Move on.  Focus on the good parts.  What good comes from negativity?  If you had a good time last night and ate more calories, fat, and carbs than you should have, GET OVER IT.  Dust yourself off and start the day right.

You on live this lifetime once, why not strip yourself of the negative and start enjoying what’s going around you?  Stop obsessing about the mundane and move on to the present.

Now go and enjoy your Sunday.