Plant Protein Based

Finally a protein based good with only natural ingredients that you can read. These treats are all made with Vega Sport to ensure that you receive the best fuel starting with a high end protein powder.

Gluten Free

Each item is naturally gluten free without any additives, chemicals or fillers. Instead, they’re made with grains and nut flours to keep you fuller longer and more efficiently fueled without slowing you down.

Sweetened Naturally

To ensure that these treats taste good and give you the best energy, they are sweetened with natural fruit and coconut sugar. Since coconut sugar is low on the glycemic index and contains minerals such as zinc, potassium, calcium and iron, it is the healthier alternative to sweeteners.

Proper Fuel

Each item I make can be used in different situations. There are goods that provide the proper energy for whatever your need is. If it’s before or after a workout, or during a long race or match, I have you covered!

About Simply Healthy Baking Goal

There’s no reason to sacrifice your health for convenience. In this fast paced world, we need to learn how to incorporate good wholesome foods again. Years ago, we weren’t reliant on all these prepackaged foods. Processed foods have become so engrained in our lifestyle because of convenience, but we haven’t realized the damage these fake foods are doing to our bodies. My goal is to bring you convenience in a healthy form. My treats only contain real food. I use clean protein powder and fuel your body with the purest energy. Why not take the time to start taking care of yourself? Let me help you fuel the greatest version of yourself with simple and healthy ingredients. Let’s get away from processed foods and become healthy again.

About Alexandra

Professional Healthy Baker

My health journey started at the young age of 9 when I realized a healthy weight begins in the kitchen. My mother, a 90 pound walking stick, cooked like her favorite chefs. Julia Child and the Frugal Gourmet were usually playing on the television as she tried to replicate their meals. The problem with these meals were they were far from healthy. Julie Child loved her butter, so that gave my mother permission to add a stick to everything she cooked. Needless to say, my weight suffered and kids aren’t kind when that happens.

At this young age I had to grow up quickly and figure out how to better myself. My dad, an avid reader, usually took me to the library every Saturday. Instead of perusing the horror books’ section, I explored the healthy cooking section. That’s when my love for nutrition started to evolve. Every week I tagged along with my dad and took out a new book to test in the kitchen. Eventually, I came up with my own recipes and found what nutrition plan suited me.

Years have passed, and I still struggle with my weight. What I have come to realize is whenever I start slacking, the fix first needs to be made in the kitchen. Good wholesome foods to satisfy my cravings along with a steady fitness schedule has helped me stay on track for many years. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy life regularly and that includes a wonderfully cold beer or my favorite cannoli ice cream, but I incorporate these treats with the rest of my healthier lifestyle and that helps me stay focused in the long run.

Clean Ingredients

My protein items contain simple and pure ingredients. There’s no reason that our bodies should be exposed to any more impurities than they already are. I aim to fuel them with basic healthy ingredients, so that you perform better, as well as feel good both physically and mentally.

My Approach

Everything I sell, everything I bring out to the market is something I have tested on myself. I don’t only go by taste, even though that’s a huge factor in my trial process, I also test these treats out on the field. I test to see when they best serve your needs and how they will most efficiently improve your life. Certain muffins are great for during your performances while others keep you fuller longer because of their ingredients, and then there are other treats that will provide instant energy which you might need right before you lift or workout! All these items have been well thought out for their efficiency and effectiveness so that I can provide you with the best fuel.

My Process

I started out with a regular online bakery because all the places near us weren’t good. Their items always tasted off due to their choices in ingredients, and I wasn’t sure what they were really putting in their desserts. I created my online store will a small set of family recipes, and my goal was to provide my customers with wholesome food. What I envisioned was providing baked goods that my grandmother would have baked for us. Well, that vision evolved into my healthy items. I was presented with a task to make baked goods that were not only healthy but they also had to taste good! Through much trial and error, I was able to use my knowledge from my original bakery and evolve it into something healthy and beneficial to your well being.

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How I can Help

I’m normal….well, sort of. I struggle with the same things we all battle. Just like you, I struggle with things like flip flopping between knowing that we should work out when we just want to relax after a long day at work. Eating that extra slice of pizza. Having that extra glass of wine. Life isn’t easy and we constantly struggle with balance. Since I fight with these constant choices like you, I can help you with though my successes and failures. This is a constant battle for all of us and we all can use any help we can get.

Food Coaching

If you’re looking for a nutritionist, you’ll have to go onto another site. If you’re looking for someone who has been playing around with food for most of her life to make it both nutritious and good tasting, then you’re in the right place. I’m constantly reading up on new health findings and testing out their theories to see if they’re truly valid and worth the effort. During these processes I will share my findings with you.

Sports Nutrition

My line is made from wholesome ingredients. Aside from them being good for your body, they also act as replenishment for your system when you’re out on the field, running an obstacle course, or switching from one gym class to the next. If you want to provide your body with what it needs during these intense moments, you should consider trying my treats.

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